Industrial Projects

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Our core business is the installation and maintenance of water and waste water treatment technologies including pump stations. These installations include but are not limited to chemical systems, raw water, treated water, supernatant, backwash, and Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis systems.

These systems include installation of pipe work ranging from 15mm to 750mm in PVC, stainless steel, Ductile Iron, HDPE, ABS etc. We also install all mechanical equipment including valves, pumps, air compressors and blowers.

G&M Plumbing has all the necessary tools to carry out these works and while we have the workforce with the necessary tickets to drive/operate the various excavators and other machinery we do hire the machines as required.

To accompany this suite of works we supply, fabricate and install various steel works such as dosing system cabinets, pipe stands and other welding and fabrication services as required. We have fully ticketed trades people for welding. See attached some photos of previous works.


In Progress


Taswater 3x Water Treatment Plants (Laurie Curran Water)  – Mechanical installation of Membrane Filtration plant including but not limited to the following systems.

  1.  Feed water pumps.
  2.  In-line chemical mixing and coagulation
  3.  Membrane filtration
  4.  Water and air backwash pipework and control valves.
  5.  Clean in Place treatment of the membranes pipework and control valves.
  6.  Membrane integrity testing equipment.
  7.  Clear Water Storage.

Wallan STP Upgrade (Laurie Curran Water) – Mechanical installation of various equipment including but not limited to the following systems.

  1.  Lift pumps.
  2.  Chemical dosing systems.
  3.  Tertiary Filter system.
  4.  Backwash system pipework and control valves.
  5.  Recycle and Potable water service lines.
  6. Sample water system.
  7.  Wash Water System.
2009-10Black Rock Biosolids Facility – Cooling tower and chemical systems
Woodglen Water Treatment Plant – DAFF Plant and associated process pumps and pipework
Seymour, Kyabram & Cobram Hydrofluorosilicic acid dosing systems
Mildura West, Red Cliffs, Kerang, Swan Hill, Mildura Hydrofluorosilicic acid dosing systems
Colac Hydrofluorosilicic acid dosing system
2011-2012Black Rock Recycled Water Treatment Plant.
Northern Sewage and Recycled Water Treatment Plant.
–Inlet works, Bioreactor, UF, RO, associated process pumps and pipework including Chemical Dosing systems
2012Merrifield Storm Water Recycling Facility
-Membrane Filtration, Ultra Violet System, Granular Activated Carbon System and associated process pumps and pipework.
2013Gunning Water Treatment Plant
–DAFF Plant and associated process pumps and pipework
Goondiwindi Recycle Water Treatment Plant
-DAF Plant including compressed air and chemical systems.
2013-2014Leongatha Sewage Treatment plant refurbishment
- refurbishment of the existing anaerobic digestion system